What is Uptime?

Often times, the term “99% uptime” is used to describe a web hosting provider’s reputability. Uptime is simply the period of time in which a web server is active and connected to the internet. Likewise, downtime is the period of time in which a site or server is offline.

The most reliable web sites have access to web hosting plans that are hosted by companies with more than 99% uptime guarantee. Uptime guarantees are good indicators of a company’s confidence in their ability to maintain quality web hosting services.

When the web server goes down, so does your site, which can leave a very bad impression on new site visitors (who may decide not to return). If you want your site to perform optimally at all times, then look for a web hosting plan that allows promises more that 99% uptime. If you notice that your web site is often offline, then you may want to consider a new web hosting plan.

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